It was a few good hours after I watched the Little Prince animated movie when I made this. It was interesting how someone wrote this much knowledge in children’s book. Well, I have tried reading the Little Prince once but eventually gave up. Nevertheless, Antoine de Saint – Exupery will be one of my most … More Inevitable


This is one of the creations I did in my early stages of learning calligraphy. I was scanning tumblr and found a post by Lang Leav. (Immediately followed her) The original post was longer though. These were the lines that stayed with me a little longer than usual. And, with the attention span of a … More Restless

Watercolor as Ink

~~~~ It’s amazing what you can do with watercolor. In this piece I did a couple of weeks ago or my best friend, I used purple and black watercolor as calligraphy ink. Placing a few drops on the nib using a watercolor brush did the trick. However, you have to replenish the ink quite a … More Watercolor as Ink

Written in Walnut

Everyday we are brought to the mercy of the question “what is and what should not”. Living in a society that conforms to the rules the routine of every single day, I found myself tired. I wanted to do something that I want for a change.  I for one have an exam tomorrow with a … More Written in Walnut