Written in Walnut

112Everyday we are brought to the mercy of the question “what is and what should not”. Living in a society that conforms to the rules the routine of every single day, I found myself tired. I wanted to do something that I want for a change. 

I for one have an exam tomorrow with a topic I hate (Anatomy). This can be something of an orthodox for a medical student who as already been accustomed to his responsibilities but in my case I always bid to different.

With still a few of my notes untouched and not understood, I’m already rattling with the possibilities of getting screwed. However, I continuously remind myself that If I give it time, I’d understand. I’d learn. 

And that time would be now.

As I write this I have a towel wrapped on my head right after a cold life awakening shower. I’ll be on my way to a local coffee shop to study with my friends. I hope my brain gets it.

Fingers crossed.

How about you? When was the last time you did something for the first time?



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