This is one of the creations I did in my early stages of learning calligraphy. I was scanning tumblr and found a post by Lang Leav. (Immediately followed her) The original post was longer though. These were the lines that stayed with me a little longer than usual. And, with the attention span of a goldfish, I think that’s considerably significant.

Walnut Ink + Hunt 56

I think this was the first longest piece I wrote with a dip pen. I could almost remember where in the writing process, I made interval gasps for air. Showing this to you guys clears out my point that nobody becomes an expert over night.

My journey in learning Calligraphy is a bit twisted to tell you bluntly. I started off with buying a jar of Sumi Ink, a calligraphy pad and a straight holder. No nibs.

I was basically doubting whether this calligraphy thing was worth the try – despite so many forces stopping me. So in the progress of waiting for my own nibs, I resorted to brush lettering using brush pens.

Calligraphy was the reason why I can’t sleep at night. For odd reasons I can’t explain, I was restless with something I barely knew about.

It was two months after that when I got my own nibs. And all the angels in heaven sang.

And now in the third month of making it as a hobby. I’d look back on the earliest pieces, I made and remembered how it felt to smell ink and feel the nib etch on paper.


P.s. What are you restless for?


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