White Ink + Nikko G

It was a few good hours after I watched the Little Prince animated movie when I made this. It was interesting how someone wrote this much knowledge in children’s book. Well, I have tried reading the Little Prince once but eventually gave up. Nevertheless, Antoine de Saint – Exupery will be one of my most favorite authors. 

The feel of writing on black paper with white ink is certainly satisfying. I also did the same quote with Walnut Ink down below.

Photo 11-02-2016, 10 03 53 AM
Walnut Ink + Nikko G

I wrote this specific quote because, I’m always the kind of person who’d never risk myself for love for the fear of having arguments – and all those stressful things couples do. This quote hit me quite hard though. 

For me to, love and be loved is always followed by to hurt and be hurt. I didn’t realizing then that being alive makes it all inevitable. 


P.s. When was the last time you felt like risking your heart? How?


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